3 Tips for Hosting the Perfect BBQ

Maybe it’s due to the weather getting warmer or people wanting to spend more time outdoors, either way the increase in cooking as our ancestors did outdoors and on charcoal has been nothing short of phenomenal. Of course using a Charcoal BBQ or Portable BBQ for those who aren’t familiar with a Charcoal BBQ or Portable BBQ can be awkward and give rise to many issues. Of course making sure you have the right Charcoal BBQ or Portable BBQ can put you on a strong footing.

While many people when choosing their charcoal BBQ or portable BBQ will head straight for the biggest and baddest that they can find, this for the majority is where they go wrong although they may be impressive. Such a charcoal BBQ will not only take up a lot of space in your garden they can be overpowering and unless you are used to the speed at which food cooks on a charcoal BBQ or Portable BBQ then you are heading for a lot of burnt and wasted food.

I often suggest to people, ask yourself how many people will be at your average BBQ and choose either a Portable BBQ or a charcoal BBQ accordingly. With a bit of planning you can still manage to cook for more people when needed every now and then. After all, its about the whole experience, not who has the largest charcoal BBQ.

Regardless of what you decide, a charcoal BBQ or a portable BBQ, you will need to think about where you are going to place it for both cooking and storage. consider the surface you are placing the BBQ on, are you shielded from wind and rain?. Love thy neighbour – make sure smoke and noise are not going to cause your neighbour to be complaining about your BBQ. If we are honest here, beer can flow at BBQ’s, so the noise levels are not going to be at a whisper. Getting the balance for locating the ideal place to put your charcoal bbq or portable bbq can be tricky, however you also need to consider access for guests and any kids that may be present.

The safety of guests, pets and wildlife is paramount, regardless of whether you have a portable BBQ or a Charcoal BBQ. Consider anything that could set on fire or things that could be affected by the smoke. Also make sure that your charcoal BBQ or portable BBQ is fit for it’s purpose and is constructed of strong enough materials and isn’t likely to collapse or tip over while you are using it.

Getting a new Barbecue this summer

Barbecues are a nation obsession in Australia and its getting that way in the UK. Now we don’t get a many sunny days as those lucky people down there in Oz but thousands of Brits do love to toss a few shrimps on the barbi most weekends during the summer months.

Choosing a barbecue is never an easy task and the first big question either do you choose either

(a) a gas barbecue or

(b) a coal fired barbecue. This divides the nation with traditionalists loving the smokey flavours that old school coal gives you and modernists plumping for the more simple ( and quicker ) gas powered units.

Next is the size you want , the biggest trend in barbecues of late has been portable barbecues with them now accounting for almost 30% of the market. People are getting more and more used to eating outside and taking their barbecues to the beach or the park. Modern portable units are very light , get up to cooking temperature quickly and dissipate the heat in no time meaning it can be carried or put in the back of a car without risk of fire.
If you want to buy a barbecue this year for yourself or are looking at gifts for a budding cook you should spend some time online and check out all the options.

Loraine Warburton

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