5 Mistakes To Avoid When Having Barbecues

A barbecue, or BBQ, is the best way to enjoy meals – especially during the holidays when the kids and adults are all gathering for some fun. Usually, summer would be the best time of year to have a barbecue. Imagine a nice sunny day with barbecue grills, charcoal and a lot of fresh seafood or steak to be cooked. Don’t forget those chicken wings, as no one can resist a juicy chicken wing on a summer holiday.

Now, as much as we love barbecues, unfortunately there are certain things you need to avoid in order that you can enjoy a nice barbecue. These are like the ‘rules’ of a barbecue, but actually it helps to enhance the whole barbecue experience and helps to avoid little mistakes whilst barbecuing. It seems easy to organise a barbecue but without the knowledge, you won’t be able to have a successful one.

First of all, you need to realise that the barbecue is going to take some time. For instance, when you grill the meat on the barbecue, it can take about an hour to be totally cooked (depending on the type of BBQ you’re using) so it is best to be patient and have a lot of time to spare when you have a barbecue. Usually a barbecue will take the whole day, so if you are going to invite families and friends, be sure you pick the right day.

Secondly, I know that it is tempting to open up the lid and check on the food, but opening the lid too often will cause the food to cook even slower. This is because as you open the lid, the heat is released and the temperature will drop. So, be sure to keep the lid closed for a long time before you check on the food. Besides, the food isn’t going anywhere, so only check it once in a while to turn the food over.

When you are lighting the charcoal for your barbecue, be sure not to use lighter fluid to start the fire. The fluid is going to impart an awful smell and taste to your food. If you need to start a fire using lighter fluid, then allow the charcoal to burn for at least 30 minutes to eliminate the fluid’s odour. After that, you can lay your food on the grill.

For best results, always go for seasoned wood. A mix of green wood and seasoned wood is acceptable, especially if you know how to control the fire to make sure that the meat doesn’t taste bitter. Otherwise, just stick to the seasoned wood and go from there. You wouldn’t want to ruin the meat in a nice barbecue would you?

Don’t invite guests for your barbecue session when you’ve just lit your smoker or griller for the first time. Test the smoker to see how things work, and to familiarise yourself with your new smoker. This is best to avoid embarrassment, should there be any mistakes or if the smoker if not functioning properly. If you follow these rules, you are going to have a fantastic time barbecuing!

Loraine Warburton

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