Smoke Free Homes

Take the smoke "right outside"

Smokefree South West has produced a toolkit of resources to help raise awareness of the dangers of second and third hand smoke and to encourage smokers to take their smoke outside of the home. This set of on-line resources offers partners the opportunity to raise awareness of this issue locally through the use of a range of resources that include evidence based materials that have been tested with the target audience.

Why we need your help

Following the publication of 2011 YouGov data which showed that 22% of adults in the South West allowed smoking in their home, Smokefree South West developed their smokefree homes campaign.

The objective of the campaign was to more than halve this figure, reducing rates to 10% by 2015 - an ambitious 12 percentage point drop over 4 years.

We know that parents protect their children from harm whenever they can. Sometimes harm is impossible to see and therefore makes it difficult to do this. Nearly 85% of cigarette smoke is invisible and poisonous chemicals such as cyanide, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde and many others linger on furnishings in the home long after the cigarette has been extinguished.

The Smokefree South West campaign message encouraged smokers to take the smoke right outside of the home. After three bursts of campaign activity over two years a dramatic decrease was achieved with rates from 22% in 2011 down to 13% by 2013. This equates to 400,000 adults now taking their smoke outside and protecting their children.  Click here to visit the original campaign website.

The graph below shows the drop in numbers of people allowing smoking in the home in the South West since the campaign launch in 2011 and with each campaign burst until 2012 and what the latest YouGov Census data tells us (2014/15)

In 2014, a national smokefree homes television campaign was developed. Since this date, our focus has shifted to raising awareness of secondhand and thirdhand smoke with our partners. However, the numbers have remained static through 2014 and 2015 which is why we now need to mobilise action on the ground to reduce this figure further.

A toolkit of resources is available to help set up your campaign, this contains:

  • Partner engagement presentation - for colleagues and partners to sell in the key facts and get people involved
  • Smokefree briefings
  • Research articles
  • Social Housing engagement guides

Campaign resources are also available including leaflets, images and posters.


Partners within the South West can download the toolkit and campaign resources from the log-in area of this website


For outside the South West region, Smokefree South West offer consultancy and toolkit, for quotation please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


We have been newly commissioned as Public Health Action, a service that aims to reduce the significant damage caused by tobacco, whilst initiating an exciting new focus on effective approaches to reduce alcohol-related harm. This work will also include tackling illegal tobacco and alcohol. Further updates will become available at