Stopping smoking in hospitals

Every day 1000’s of people across the South West visit hospital either as a patient, visitor or member of staff. Hospital sites are therefore an ideal environment to encourage smokers to review and adjust their smoking behaviour.

Stop Smoking Support in HospitalsIf every smoker who was about to undergo an operation were offered support to stop, every South West Acute Trust could save between £200,000 and £1 million annually in bed days due to reduced complications.

Patients, when questioned, expected to be offered support to stop smoking when visiting a hospital. Acute Trusts are also a major employer in the South West but approximately 18-25% of their staff will be smokers.

If staff are supported to stop smoking every South West Acute Trust could save £2-6 million a year through reduced staff sick leave and smoking breaks.

Smokefree South West has developed a toolkit to help you make your hospital smokefree.

Making your hospital smokefree

Whether you want to maintain your Smokefree policy or are just starting out on the journey to making your hospital smokefree - a toolkit is available full of advice to support the process of change in your hospital.  This includes practical advice on engagement, changing the culture, environment and systems.

The toolkit contains a booklet which outlines the key areas that will need to be addressed to establish a smokefree hospital site with examples of good practice. The tools and resources are contained in the folders below by subject area. It is recommended that the booklet is downloaded first.

Smokefree Hospital Toolkit (Click on a folder to view and download any of the documents)

This toolkit includes guidance on:

Maintaining a smokefree site

Supporting patients, visitors and staff to stop smoking

Increasing accessibility of nicotine replacement products so that they are

- available on all wards

- prescribed in pre operative assessment units

- available by voucher scheme for staff

- on sale in hospital shops/pharmacies

Positioning prominent Smokefree branding

Encouraging temporary abstinence

Clear referral and care pathways for planned and emergency admissions

Human resource management of staff smoking during working hours


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Stop Smoking Interventions in Secondary Care (Click to see the document)


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