Smokefree Children’s Centre Grounds

Please don’t smoke near us

Most of the local authorities in the south west support the voluntary schemes and have installed smokefree signs in their Children’s Centre grounds

Why have smokefree grounds?

  • A centre which provides services to children and their families has an ideal opportunity and responsibility to promote a smoke free culture
  • An environment where staff and visitors are supported to become smoke free will ensure a healthy environment for children
  • Children’s exposure to smoking will be reduced helping to denormalise smoking for the next generation

We know that Children’s Centre staff and parents support smokefree Children’s Centre grounds

  • The signage was well received by staff and visitors with a particular value placed upon the child-like artwork
  • The training DVD was identified as being an excellent resource for information on becoming smoke free
  • ‘I feel more confident about raising the subject of smoking and asking someone not to smoke in the grounds’
  • ‘I now know how to refer a smoker to our local stop smoking service if they want to stop’


A Smokefree Children’s centre toolkit is available to support our partners in the south west.

If you want to make your Children’s Centre grounds smokefree and you are outside of the south west, Smokefree South West offer consultation and a toolkit of resources. For a free quotation contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it