Smokefree space in cities and towns

Thank you for helping us keep this space smokefree, health and clean

Why have smokefree space in towns and cities?

  • Children are influenced by what they see around them and copy behaviour
  • To provide a supportive environment for smokers trying to stop
  • To encourage greater public awareness and debate on the harms of smoking
  • To create a pleasant and clean positive place for families to breathe fresh air

We know that there is strong public support for smokefree space in towns and cities

  • 72% smokers said that a smokefree area would not be a problem
  • Nearly 80% of people asked felt that a smokefree space is a better space
  • Two thirds of smokers are concerned about smoking around non-smokers when near to them if smoking outdoors.
  • Over a half of smokers feel that it is anti-social to smoke where people are eating and drinking
  • Half of the people asked said that they would support a smokefree space

    A Smokefree open space toolkit is available to support our partners in the south west.

    If you want to make smokefree space in your town or city and you are outside of the south west, Smokefree South West offer consultation and a toolkit of resources. For a free quotation contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it