Tackling Illegal Tobacco

"Tackling Illegal Tobacco" - a campaign that shifts attitudes and drives action across the South West

Cheap illegal tobacco is widely available across the South West. It makes it easier for children to smoke, and it brings crime directly into local communities.

In the South West, one in every six cigarettes and more than half of hand rolling tobacco smoked is illegal.

In June 2014, the third phase of the Tackling Illegal Tobacco campaign ran across the South West to raise awareness of the dangers of illegal tobacco.

The campaign, which was developed working with partners to shape local plans, ran on radio, outdoor billboards, advans (mobile billboards), and online, as well as community events across the region.

The results are clear. Since it launched in the South West in November 2011, we now have over half a million more people claiming that they are very uncomfortable about the issue of illegal tobacco.

Perhaps most importantly however, is that this shift in awareness has resulted in almost a third more people claiming that they are now more compelled and likely to report illegal tobacco trading in their local area.

Why Are We Doing This?
Illegal Tobacco is often less than half the tax-paid price of legally sold tobacco, and this maintains smokers in their habit and encourages young people to start smoking. Far from being a victimless crime Illegal Tobacco trading creates a cheap source for children and young people and encourages adults to continue smoking by eroding cost motivation to quit. It is also linked to organised crime and contributes to an underground economy worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

Therefore the main objectives of the campaign are to increase understanding of the impact of illicit tobacco amongst smokers and local communities and mobilise stakeholders, local businesses and communities to report illicit trading.

Who Are We Targeting?
The campaign targets smokers and non smokers, specifically ‘concerned parents’ as defined by the national Illicit Tobacco strategy. We are targeting areas where there are moderate levels of illegal tobacco consumption but also enough doubts in attitude to build on and effect change.

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For information about our the Tackling Illegal Tobacco Partnership please visit our stakeholder website www.illegal-tobacco.co.uk


Framework Convention Protocol on the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

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